Stephen Hart


Stephen Hart Headshot

Stephen Hart

Coach, Halifax Wanderers Football Club

Stephen Hart is known across Canada and throughout the Caribbean and the Americas as a veteran soccer player, coach, volunteer and technical leader of the game.

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, where he also played for and coached the national team, he has as much history and dedication to the game here in Nova Scotia.  A former student and player for Saint Mary’s Huskies, Stephen has also played for the Halifax Privateers and King of Donair.  Stephen is known as a knowledgeable, empowering and uplifting coach who is demanding but also has a sense of humour and a strong respect for his players and colleagues.

He has also coached Canada’s national team and is now proud to be the head coach of the Halifax Wanderers in the new Canadian Premier League.

Stephen lives in Halifax with his wife and three daughters.