Chisholm Services for Children

Chisholm Services is a non-profit organization in Central Nova Scotia focusing its attention on the needs of children 12 and younger who are at-risk due to complex issues within the family or in need of literacy support. 

Chisholm offers support through three main programs; a long-term residential care program which specializes in early intervention, prevention and permanency planning; an after school literacy program for children diagnosed with a learning difference or reading below grade level; and support to families who have been approved and waiting to adopt a child. 

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Blind Date with a Star 

Blind Date with a Star has a great impact on your community by raising funds for an organization that services a very important need… guiding children to a path that leads to a bright and positive future. 

Blind Date with a Star continues to be one of the most popular and unique fundraising events in Nova Scotia. Seven of your special guests will be matched with a celebrity via a live draw at a reception in the Grafton Connor Properties Complex, next door to the Five Fishermen Restaurant, 1740 Argyle St.  During Blind Date With a Star, guests are treated to a fine dining experience at one of Halifax’s best restaurants/venues.

It all starts at 5:30 pm on the 28th, of February 2023 ... This is one Blind Date to be remembered!


Contact Us

Chisholm Services for Children
5724 South Street
Halifax, NS  B3H 1S4

Website: http://www.chisholm4children.ca

Email: info@chisholm4children.ca
Phone: +1 902 377 3280
Fax: +1 902 422 3725