Dave Carroll


Dave Carroll 2023

Dave Carroll

Songwriter / Author / Keynote Speaker

Dave Carroll is an award winning singer-songwriter, professional speaker, author and social media innovator based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He began his music career with his brother Don in the band Sons of Maxwell and has been enjoying success as a solo artist since.

Perhaps known best for his song "United Breaks Guitars", Dave has been busy with multiple projects over the years. 

Until One Day (Nov 2021) is a collection of new music coming from moments inspired by experiences he had over the last 9 years. The songs on this recording share a common thread of promoting lovekindness and compassion.

Dave writes, "These days the world seems more divided than ever. So my wish is that the enduring effect of hearing these songs, will be to remind people that we have more in common with each other than we don’t. While it would be easy to write polarizing music that appeals to one side more than another, I’ve decided to intentionally write music designed to bring people together."

His latest is a song / video Shelter from the Storm created for @ShelterNS. He desired to recognize the work & care for the people among us in Halifax who have absolutely no one else."  He will soon be releasing his 1st children's book Tom the Tomato Plant.