Amateur Alex


Amateur Alex Head Shot

Amateur Alex

Co-Host Mornings / VIRGIN Radio Halifax

Some will ask me, “Hey Amateur, where did you get your name?”

Amateur Alex has been my name in radio for almost a decade now, but I didn’t choose it. Some legends will tell you that my name came to be because I’m just not very professional…

But let’s squash those rumours!

I currently work as a Co-host on Virgin Mornings, but I’m also looking at an emphasis in video games at home. I don’t usually take advantage of playing games these days with twin daughters at home though. I have a fiancée who will remain my fiancée for years, most likely.

I also play drums in my spare time. My neighbour rang my doorbell the other day at 3AM, can you believe it? Luckily, I was still up playing the drums. BING. BANG. BONG.