Jan Sebastian La Pierre


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Jan Sebastian La Pierre

Director of Nature Appreciation / Author

Jan LaPierre is an outdoor enthusiast who works as a mental health and addiction recreation therapy associate at the IWK Health Centre. 

His youth was spent camping and adventuring on the shores of Nova Scotia – and he still hasn’t grown up. He is a kind, gentle hearted man with a kids heart. His current work, taking at-risk children to experience the outdoors, suits his strengths and his passions. Through working with these youth and from his own personal experiences, Jan has realized the power of the great outdoors and has made it his life's mission to share that passion and help kids reconnect with the earth through adventure.

Jan was recently part of a successful tandem kayak trip, where he and Graham Carter paddled 200km /29 hours from the coast of Nova Scotia to Sable Island. The paddle deep into the Atlantic Ocean was to raise awareness for youth who struggle with mental health, and the importance of adventure in helping to lead full and active lifestyle. The journey has also raised over $30,000 to-date set up a children's camp at Brigadoon Village in Nova Scotia for youth who have a relationship to mental health problems. For more information and to show your support, please visit Paddle to Sable